Custom Raise your Pork

We Custom Raise

We Custom Raise your Mangalista with a Bellota finish

Pasture Raised

pasture raised for 8 to 14 months or more to an estimated hanging weight of 200 to 275 pounds

(To be harvested in November thru January)

(have your choice of Gilt (female) or barrow (castrated male)

Processing / Harvest

We work with a number of processors either non-USDA or USDA inspected facilities in which you can sell the meat if you desire. You can choose between your processors, various cuts, sausage, bacon  and smoking. You will deal with the processor yourself and pay the processing fees as to your choosing. we can walk you through the process with the cut sheets if you desire. estimated processing fees can range from .65 cents per pound to $1.50 per pound plus sausage processing and smoking fees.

You can also process your hog yourself here on the farm for a flat $75. fee. You can also have a processor come to the farm and process it for you.

Fee schedule

Our fee schedule is as follows.

$5.00 per pound hanging weight for an estimate of $1375.00

$400.00 deposit then an $80.00 per monthly payment up until your desired weight of slaughter.

Upon hanging weight credits and debits will be issued.

Roaster pigs also available call for size and pricing 

Limited Avaiilabilty

Limited availability if you wanted to purchase a 1/2 hog.  $200.00 deposit -$5.00 per pound hanging weight

As well as purchasing hoof in ham quarter (bone in ham shank) $225.00

For hoof in shoulder quarter( bone in shoulder shank) $175.00

processing your own charcuterie.

These can be cured yourself. There are many recipes for the novice to try.