Mangalista Bellota Pork Facts

1. Mangalista's are raised for about 14 months to a weight of 300-350 lbs vs: conventional store bought pork that is raised for 5-6 months to a lean weight of 240 lbs

2. mangalista pork is a deep red, extremely well marbled, color with pure white buttery fat vs: conventional tasteless white lean store bought pork

3. Mangalista pork is raised outside on pasture and wood lots all year long in earth huts vs: conventional store bought pork raised on concrete in confined barns where  they lay & eat in there own feces

4. mangalista fat is genetically unique when raised properly. The fat is primarily monounsaturated and higher in oleic acid and omega 3,6,9 with a lower melting point vs. conventional store pork

5. Mangalista lard is used by the culinary and best pastry shops to create the flakiest pie crust available

6. Mangalista hair which is very coarse was used in the mid 1800's to make water proof coats and is presently used to tie the best fishing lures

7. Mangalista Bellota pork is known for the worlds best charcuterie, salami 

and cured hams

8. a Harvard university study from July 2016 showed replacing Mangalista Fats compared to saturated trans fats can lower your health risk of cancer, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative disease by as much as 27 percent . it is also known to lower LDL, bad cholesterol while increasing HDL good cholesterol . which makes this the healthiest pork available

This is the pork that your Great European Grandparents would have eaten

9. Mangalista's fed a 15% protein grain ration will reach 240 pound market weight in 8 months.

10.. Every Mangalista pork chop when buying from our prime cuts section comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee. If the chop is not a best tasting, buttery melt in your mouth pork chop that you have ever eaten just tell us within 7 days of purchase and i will credit you $2.99 so you can replace the chop with a conventional dry white antibiotic laden chop from the cheapest corporate pork store of your choosing.